Masks through mouth, nose Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop and chin some cover, constitute a surgical masks and face seal space, by when people breathe in forcing air through a mask to filter out harmful material to reach the role of maintenance. With the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of people's living standard as well as the increasingly serious environmental pollution, human understanding of self protection is continuously strengthen, non-woven masks used masks as protective equipment becomes more and more common. General component is currently the market circulation of the mask type air filter masks and gas mask, should use a more air filter is a type of cover, such as dust proof cover mouth, mouth haze shields, medical use respirators, etc., the list of the various types of mask out corresponding standard to mask mall.
Most codes in our country protection CE Certificate KN95 Mask filter type of face mask is a strong system of production standards, the test project is more than a. Fabric is fabric permeability properties [1], and weave structure. In order to have great contact and woven as combination method. Mask the primary data of some textile fibers, permeability is also will be some features to the masks. Mouth can shield gas permeability depends on degree must also choose the mask of comfort, power filter, and other protective features. Before, mouth mask inspection measuring gas permeability and no comparison with standard about sex, and the primary reference fabric permeability check method, such as GB/T5453-1997 textile fabric air permeability test set, ASTM D737-1996 textile product gas permeability testing method and ISO9237-1995 textile fabric permeability measurement.
All of the fabric structure is porous, the research indicated, aperture and contact close cut fabric air permeability function, one of the same kind of knitting flat all the hole diameter, the greater the its air permeability is, the better. Different kind of woven material gas hole diameter and penetration rate there are significant differences, the same kind of woven material, because of its KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping fiber raw material, yarn linear density, fabric, thread count, and the thickness of fabric, fabric air permeability rate also have very big different. Due to the double face ventilation rate is far less than that of needle woven single needle woven material, so the double jersey barrier property of harmful substances, is very good. Because of nonwovens are generally single fiber reticular structure, more breathable functions and harmful substances through the functions, reticular fiber nonwoven fabric has more together by touch the table surface of the product, because this has more strong adsorption function.