Mask the protective role of Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask principal is based on mask filtering effect of harmful substances, mask filter high power of harmful substances, purification of air, the air sucked into the human body health, the protective effect of masks has, the better, whereas the worse. The list of different categories of mask filtering power all have clear rules, such as in GB19083-2010 medical respirator technology begged pointed out [5], in the medical environment using the mask, its filtering power first refers to a float to float in the air filter non oil grain content, including with viral, droplet of blood, secretions, etc. Filtering element of this kind of mask by blocking cut effect should be spread, the effect should be, should force effect and spoil sex effect with the effect of electrostatic separation resistance is not the same grain size of a grain of isolation, but always have so a kind of particle size of material can not enough to completely filter, mouth mask filter with KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers the medical power. The primary test of this kind of difficult to filter particle diameter of particle content, get a. Useful test.
Masks to comfort with must have to be bound to the breathable function, in theory, breathable functions of masks differences with respirator filter power has a set of close sex. When mask ventilation function particularly Medical Full Body Coverall poor, mask itself is blocked foreign materials into the mask, and then play the role of protection and filtering power does not depend on a mask, but comfortable too. Low, not suitable for human body. When the mask has good air permeability, mask table material communication more frequently, this is the cover of the filter effect rate to be high, to satisfied the high frequency communication, masks can. Big limit filter out the harmful substances in the air enters the body, from and to the protection of the role. Filter mask ventilation function and power to better match very good talent to play a protective role, and Full Body Disposable Coverall establish a model between the ventilation function and filtration of power, seeking to find relations of the two is necessary.