According to the big data survey, the Narrow aisle rack majority of workers in the warehouse more than half of the time is moving back and forth in the warehouse, it shows that lots of warehouse shelf layout is unreasonable, if you want to people who want to improve staff efficiency, reduce the invalid mobile time is the best way, this needs a very reasonable compliance put warehouse shelves. Here, let's talk about storage shelves put the layout of some skills.
Storage shelves warehouse layout has three unwritten principle, also be the personage inside course of study summarizes the experience for many years.
1, don't go back, this is one of the most basic principle, whether stock or delivery, to ensure that all in the same direction, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of staff, warehousing.
2 roadway Cantilever Storage rack standardization, shelves, storage shelves need according to the actual size and storage of the specifications of the goods to warehouse, avoid waste of space at the same time also to make a shelf more standard, ensure every shelf of roadway and uniformity.
3, speed first, process and people's subjective consciousness alone to control the speed and accuracy, it is not realistic. So we have to start from the basis of logistics equipment, efficient equipment can greatly improve the speed and efficiency.
4, detail planning, warehouse pipe cantilever rack warehouse operations in the face of the front-end market is like a war of no gunpowder smoke, our side in and the inventory in and out of combat, on the other side and delivery errors. This time the best way is to set warehouse operation details in advance, let all personnel familiar in advance.