A morning work heard the engineering heavy duty warehouse rack department colleagues poking fun at a project, after detailed understanding things wrong just know, originally because customer site installation problems. Customer orders a batch of three pillar side of storage shelves, the shelves already arrived at the scene, the Steel racking system engineering department arranged for construction team to the scene after installed three pillar of storage shelves, side toward the customer time limit for a project, construction personnel is not installed, this let our engineering department colleagues feel annoyed. Three columns have so difficult to install storage shelves? We are and to find out today. The name we can know is composed of three columns, and regular shelves are generally two columns. Three pillar storage shelves because of layer board is also needed to store the goods, so also belong to the classification of the layer board shelf. Three pillar column specifications are consistent with conventional shelf shelves, it appears the purpose is to solve some of the big volume of goods, the problem of conventional shelf cannot hold.
By compared with conventional shelf, we is not hard to find three pillar storage shelves has the following advantages:
1, the capacity is bigger;
2 and wider layer board;
3, to strengthen long span shelving more layer board;
4, goods storage type more.
At the same time, the cost of the three pillar shelves is slightly higher than that of conventional shelf.