Storage shelves Narrow aisle rack relocation disassembling is generally enterprise quantity and the change of plant landscape in the narrow industry need to consider the problem. Shelves now basic are combined, which also move provides favorable conditions for storage shelves, whether standard medium shelf, heavy shelf, or a mark basement storage rack, steel mold shelves, screws are linked together, the field of fastening methods should be used in assembling, easy disassembling and transport.
For many companies, easy tear open outfit shelves use more convenient, more environmentally friendly and more reusable. The transport and storage to storage shelves itself is very good. The shelves should be pay attention to transport to the scene with the following matters:
1, at the scene of the shelf to add before, to install the site layout planning and the ground, and set aside shelf displays area as much as possible.
2, storage shelf to the scene, should choose Warehouse storage racks the proper storage place. Ahead of the storage, should according to put shelves with the order of the components.
3, the installation steps, remove the packing materials and waste shall be removed immediately, as far as possible to maintain add site clean and tidy.
4, add shelves, pay attention to the surface roughness. If there is a pit, must maintain the reliability of the storage rack, in order to prevent the risk in the goods storage.
5, has been equipped with shelves should be designed to put according to the previous scene. Transport step, pay attention to gently put, prevent shelf surface damage.
Six, shelves, add and when completed, should be detailed inspection with the scene, the risk of removing may apply as soon as possible. If appropriate, clean storage shelves again.