Manganese ore beneficiation tin beneficiation plant equipment generally is tie-in, fill the need to pay attention to the height, diameter, good backwash loss calculation, pay attention to the real-time loading. Manganese ore beneficiation equipment is mainly used to reduce the water content of total iron, ferromanganese and manganese, namely remove excess iron and manganese ions in water. Manganese ore beneficiation equipment size is too big, big pore between filter material, filtering, impurity penetration depth is big, easy to coltan ore processing penetrate the filter layer, affect water quality. Backwashing, only larger backwashing strength can loose filter, otherwise it will affect the backwashing effect; Backwashing is incomplete, will leave many hidden dangers, such as sludge residue in the filter layer, the residual sludge agglomeration, affect the uniformity of flow filtration. Manganese ore dressing equipment for particle size small, small pore between filter material, filtering, affect the penetration depth of Portable gold trommel impurities, increase the water resistance, water head loss increase too fast, water yield decline, etc. Manganese ore beneficiation equipment service life and high on the iron concentration in the groundwater is commonly 3-5 years, on the iron concentration in the lower groundwater use fixed number of year is longer, even up to ten years.
In natural manganese sand filter, filter layer of the upper manganese sand will gradually form spherical sand "rust", "sand" rust surface with a layer of "active filter membrane", still have contact with catalytic iron ability, therefore, form the "iron ore", is not a sign of natural manganese sand failure. When sand "rust" bigger, cause particle size of the filter material is too thick and affect the effect of iron, it is necessary to replace part of the filter material. So, in construction process should pay attention to the rust sand "does exist, if any, must distinguish clearly Carbon in Pulp the size of the" sand "rust, if norms is lesser, can continue to use, can reduce the cost, if the specification is bigger, you need to replace, lest affect filtered water quality.