In recent years, the problem mineral flotation of the development of the manganese industry in China is becoming more and more serious, such as manganese ore is mainly composed of small and medium-sized mining production, low mining efficiency, recovery rate is also low, some mines also exists the phenomenon of logging to dig, technical equipment backward, serious environmental pollution, the unreasonable industrial layout structure, excess capacity, high dependence on foreign ore, all these problems restrict the development of manganese industry in China.
2013 countries on various environmental policy and eliminate backward production capacity, to control the steel production and electrolytic manganese production. Severe overcapacity, electrolytic manganese production supply tensions. Is under normal regulation of the government or can reduce electrolytic manganese excess capacity, but also need some transition time. Manganese in order to solve these problems, our country related enterprises should pay close attention to domestic and international market, timely adjustment of manganese ore imports and production, give play to the role gold cil machine of industry association actively, strengthen the international market price. Related departments should also encourage and guide enterprises to carry out the strategy of going out, increase the intensity of overseas investment in factories, ensure supply manganese ore market in China. In addition, the relevant state departments should integrate manganese ore resources, clamp down on illegal mining, eliminating inefficient small mines, improve industry admittance threshold, improve exploration, mining concentration, increase their efforts to introduce new techniques, new equipment investment and continue to carry Portable gold trommel out the energy conservation and emissions reduction work, promote the healthy development of related industries.