USES in the steel industry manganese beneficiation plant is mainly used in steel desulfurization and deoxidation; Also used as an alloy to add material, in order to improve the strength of steel, hardness, elastic limit, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. In the high alloy steel, also used as a combined elements in the austenite is used for refining stainless steel and special alloy steel, stainless steel electrode, etc. In addition, also used in non-ferrous metal, chemical industry, medicine, food, the analysis and research, etc. Manganese steel temper very strange and interesting: if add 2.5 to 3.5% of manganese in steel, so low manganese steel was made by brittle as glass, a knock is broken. If joined by more than 13% of manganese, however, made of high manganese steel, then it becomes hard and toughness. When heated to high manganese steel pale orange, become very soft, very easy to processing.
In addition, it coltan ore processing has no magnetic, not attracted by magnet. Nowadays, a lot of people made of manganese steel steel mill, ball bearing, bulldozers and power shovel bucket often artifacts by grinding, such as iron and manganese manganese rail, Bridges, etc. The roof of the new Shanghai culture square audience hall, the novel network frame structure, with thousands of manganese steel pipe welded together. In longitudinal and cross 76 meters, 138 meters the fan in the hall, not a pillar in the middle. Because of using manganese steel as a structural material, very strong, and materials than other steel provinces, the average per square metre only 45 kg manganese steel roof. Xing jian in 1973 Shanghai stadium (eighteen thousand people), manganese steel is also used as the grid roof structure tin beneficiation plant materials. Militarily, made of high manganese steel helmet, tanks steel armour, armour-piercing warhead, etc. Refining manganese steel, is put up to 60-70% of the soft manganese content in the tin and iron ore smelting mixed together.