Glass bottle glass cream jars packaging technical look now already very rich, have frosted, spraying, baking and so on various forms. Seriously, however, the glass bottle with ceramic bottle, many manufacturer, especially high-grade ceramic bottle bottle will still be used for packing. It is obvious that the current glass bottles of these processes can appear to be very good wine taste and temperament. If we can be a breakthrough in the glass bottle packaging technology, in high-end wine market economy to form enterprise competition with ceramic bottle, glass bottle market environment in China will be more breakthrough yourself for a bigger share of the market. Is an opportunity for glass bottle manufacturers, the current defects, there should be a breakthrough in the glass bottle packaging process.
Glass bottles of honey still occupies a large market oil dropper bottle space. First of all, honey jar sealing performance is outstanding, honey the combination of glass bottles and tin lid sealed performance is outstanding. It can effectively guarantee the safety and health of honey. Second, the appearance of the honey jar packaging quality of a material is better than plastic bottles, so some high-end brand also prefer to use glass bottles of honey honey packaging. Honey bottle packaging materials, high safety, various environment in high temperature, good 30ml dropper bottle stability. So, what are the wholesale market in the honey jar, which channel is better? First of all, you can be ordered from the retail market. In general, a small amount of purchase through wholesale market to buy some daily glass, can see real directly, but the price is higher. Second, it is more convenient to order online to save time. But honey bottle packing in order online is usually can't see the real, unable to grasp the quality of the product. Third, the cosmetic packaging wholesale tender order, suitable for large quantity of honey. Relatively speaking, better prices, better quality control. Finally, order directly to the honey bottle manufacturers, the required amount will meet minimum order requirements.